'Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.'

~Winston Churchill

My journey toward finding a solution for chronic pain began at least 45 years ago. When I was 18 I was a passenger on a motorcycle.

We were broad-sided by a car coming out of a driveway. Talk about a miracle; though the driver and passenger were both injured, the motorcycle remained upright until it was off the road and I was on the ground with a double compound fracture!! The child I was carrying is now a beautiful 54 year old woman.

40+ years ago I was in pain all the time and all over. I had all the classic symptoms of Fibromyalgia. I was desperately hoping to find a solution to the inflammation and poor circulation. As with most people, I had a medicine chest full of various products designed to mask symptoms and I was taking Tylenol like candy and other forms of over the counter “remedies” while the symptoms only worsened. None of it worked of course, but in hopeful desperation I hoped it would at least provide a measure of comfort. Nothing up to this point really gave the desired result.
About 13 years ago I was walking through a festival on the Oregon coast. There were vendors set up selling everything from cosmetics and jewelry, lotions and potions, food galore. Most of the ones, as well known, tell us to apply their product and it will remove all of our pain, but many have told me it doesn't work. I am more of a browser than a shopper but one booth caught my attention. The banner read something like, “GOT PAIN”? “Have You Tried Topical Nutritives.” Now, you may ask,”What does that mean”? Topical Nutritives are plants which have been distilled in water or infused into a carrier oil and once applied to the skin become transdermal which simply means, “through the skin.”The ladies in the booth let me try it and right away I knew it was different. Within a short amount of time I discovered a product(s) which worked and provided lasting results. Rather than masking symptoms and shutting down pain receptors, hindering the bodies ability to heal, withing 30 days my body started to rebalance itself by feeding nutrients into damaged tissue. As I entered the 4th month of using the products the symptoms of Fibromyalgia disappeared! I kid not: suddenly the brain fog lifted and even the forest took on different hues of green. The daily meltdowns disppeared along with everything that had been stored in my medicine chest.

I was so excited about the new product I had found that right away I spread the word and wanted to find out if and how I could work for the company. In the past, I had not been very effective as a sales representative so I came into this timid and unsure I could do it this time either. After working for them for three years they told me I was one of their few lead representatives and they wanted to me go to other places, even out of state. Problem was they didn't want to help me get there.. Also, I was by then 65 years old and carrying a full load of homes to clean for other people. There were no benefits or perks in this company but I did learn some valuable business strategies. When achieving success as a sales representative the first lessons are learning confidence to sell. I learned marketing skills and was able to begin a retail market.

I decided at the end of those three years it was time to move on. With the $1200 in the business account I started praying about starting my own company. What would the products be and what would be the name of the company. I had an idea I wanted to provide an effective product for painful symptoms. But what to call the company needed more than an idea. It took several months. Many people have asked me how I came up with the name of The Kings Herbals.With a list of possible names, none seemed right, so I waited. While I waited I was searching and formulating natural products that were effective for many physical problems. Then one morning on waking up almost before I had my eyes open, I heard God speak to me. “You haven't found a name for the company you want to start because you want it to honor Me, right? I have an idea you may like. How about naming you company after Me and call it The Kings Herbals.” Those two sentences had my attention and without hesitation I said, “Absolutely! Yes Sir, no argument from me because this is perfect. That was in 2014. By the end of 2015 the $1200 I invested came back 120% even after the ongoing investment.

I discovered first about essential oils for pain and all sorts of inflammation.

Topically applied over unbroken skin, all of my products are gentle on the skin. I have do this not only for my physical benefit but because I really care about how people with all kinds of pain, chronic, surgery related or injury related.